The mission of LTLC is to teach, govern and promote the sport of lacrosse in Lake Tapps and the surrounding communities, including Sumner, Bonney Lake, White River and Enumclaw. LTLC will emphasize the development of skills, self-esteem,


High School Boys

Louis Lucchesi
2012 Team:  Boy's Varsity
US Lacrosse Certification:  Level 2

Chris Boesche
2012 Team:  Boy's JV
US Lacrosse Certification:  

High School Girls

Kelly Weatherman
2012 Team:  Girl's Varsity
US Lacrosse Certification: Level 1

Youth Boys

Mark Funkhouser
2013 Team:  7/8 East
US Lacrosse Certification:

Tim Mackey
2013 Team:  7/8 South
US Lacrosse Certification:  Level 2

I have been very active in Lake Tapps Lacrosse  for the past four years. I have coached as an assistant coach and head coach at the 5/6 level and am now a 7/8 head coach. I have been an assistant coach for the select Maniax squad and one of my all-time favorite lacrosse memories is winning the championship at the Battle Of Lake Oswego in 2011.  My coaching experience also includes basketball, baseball, and football. I am the owner of Arbors and More, a fencing, decking, and concrete contractor in Bonney Lake. Additionally, my wife,  Emily, and I,  own Lake Tapps Limousine. We have two children that both play lacrosse, Quinault at Boys 7/8 and Chelan at Girls 3/4.

Dan Lancaster
2013 Team:  7/8 North
US Lacrosse Certification:  Level 2

My love for lacrosse began while watching my son play the game starting as a first grader in Canada.  While living in Utah I coached a grade 5/6 boys team in a start-up program.  Moving to Washington, my sons’ desire to continue playing lacrosse led to the first lacrosse team in the Lake Tapps area.  I was fortunate to be able to coach my son from this first year through his play at the Varsity High School level.   I took the plunge in 2011 and coached my daughters 7/8 grade girls’ lacrosse team.  I truly learned to appreciate the uniqueness of the girls’ game.  In 2013, I begin my 10th year as a lacrosse coach.  Lacrosse is something that I actively share with my wife, Beth, and four children, all whom have been involved.  I have tow daughters currently playing for the Titans, girls varsity team.   It is truly our family hobby. My passion for the game revolves around the opportunity as a coach to help young people develop as a complete athlete that in some way will help them in the future. I remain involved at various levels within Lake Tapps Lacrosse Club and look forward to helping spread the incredible game of lacrosse to all interested youth within our area. 

Michael Misensol
2013 Team:  5/6 East
US Lacrosse Certification:

Chris Hall
2013 Team: 5/6 South
US Lacrosse Certification: Level 1 

Despite the rumors, I am not the head coach of the Washington Stealth Indoor Lacrosse team, although we share the same name.
I grew up in Stony Brook, NY which is on Long Island. I went to Ward Melville High School, which was, and still is a lacrosse powerhouse. I never actually played in High School, by the time I decided I was interested, I was way too far behind the curve for others my age. My brother went on to have a successful high school and college career, so I got to watch a lot. To say I grew up around the game is an understatement.
In 1992 I became a New York City Police Officer and then moved to Seattle in 1999 where I am currently a sergeant with the Seattle Police Department.
This will be my third year as coach with LTLC. My goals as a 3/4 coach are to foster a love for the game, establish a solid set of basic skills and learn to honor the game through excellent sportsmanship (good sportsmanship is not enough).  I do not believe in winning at all costs, but I do believe winning is more fun than losing.
My whole family is involved with the club; my wife is the assistant coach for the 3/4 girls team and all three of our kids play for Lake Tapps.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me. I work nights, so it is best to reach me by email at .  I’m looking forward to a great season.

Steve Meyer
2013 Team: 5/6 North
US Lacrosse Certification:

Curtis Estes
2013 Team:  3/4 South East
US Lacrosse Certification:

Jeff Sortor
2013 Team: 3/4 North
US Lacrosse Certification:

Youth Girls

Ed Moffat
2013 Team:  7/8 Girls
US Lacrosse Certification:

Mike Rogers
2013 Team:  5/6 Girls
US Lacrosse Certification:

Dani Hall
2013 Team:  3/4 Girls
US Lacrosse Certification: