The mission of LTLC is to teach, govern and promote the sport of lacrosse in Lake Tapps and the surrounding communities, including Sumner, Bonney Lake, White River and Enumclaw. LTLC will emphasize the development of skills, self-esteem,


Lake Tapps Lacrosse is an ALL volunteer organization. The measurement of success for the program depends on you, the VOLUNTEER. There are many volunteer positions to choose from, and you will be asked to select one of the following volunteer positions when you register your player at the beginning of the season. If a rotation can be established between multiple volunteers, it will allow all parents the opportunity to enjoy watching their athlete most of the season.


Volunteer Program:

Lake Tapps Lacrosse has a volunteer requirement for each family in our club. The club needs many volunteers to help at club events and during game days. LTLC understands that families are busy and have many commitments, so we are providing three ways this requirement can be met:

            1)  8 hours volunteering for the club (per family)***

            3)  Buyout of $100

These options will be available during the registration process and must be selected and paid for (if you choose a buyout) in order to finish the registration process.


Scholarship and Payment Plans are available to assist with registration costs. For Information, please contact our Club Treasurer at (Documents are available on our website under “Club/ Documents”


***If you are a Coach, Assistant Coach, Board Member, Regional Representative, Club Level Volunteer, Team Manager, Team Board Representative, Team Volunteer Coordinator, Team Fundraiser , Team Equipment Manager, Team Photographer/Picture Coordinator, this will satisfy your 8 hour commitment.

For a Description of Club Level Volunteers CLICK HERE


ASSISTANT COACH: (8 hour credit)

One of the Assistant Coach's most important roles, even though it's not always the most visible part of the job, is supporting the head coach. Some Assistant Coaches have direct coaching responsibilities, while others only respond to a main or head coach's directives. Some of the responsibilities of the Assistant Coach may include:

  1. Organization, administration and promotion of all aspects of the LTLC program
  2. Assisting with coaching, including instruction of fundamentals and techniques and any other areas designated by the Head Coach
  3. Assists in the preparation, planning, and evaluation of practice sessions as directed
  4. Teach individuals and groups of student-athletes specific tasks and skills, during practice sessions. Teach specific techniques as directed by the Head Coach
  5. Offer input for game strategies and gives advice for specific plays or game tactics
  6. Support the LTLC mission to emphasize the development of skills, self-esteem, good sportsmanship, fitness and teamwork through the sport of lacrosse


TEAM MANAGER: (8 hour credit)

Coordinates all of the team volunteers. When something needs to be done, the coach calls the Team Manager who gets the word out to the appropriate coordinator/ volunteers and parents. Should be available to contact team members with changes to team schedules and must be able to get other necessary communications out to players and parents in a timely fashion. Keeps a book of player information (rosters, medical release forms, etc) and coordinates collection of paperwork. Will attend monthly Board Meetings when a Board Representative is not available.

The Team Manager is an important asset to the Team, and Coach. The Team Manager will keep everyone, especially the Coach organized. Each Coach handles their Team differently and your specific responsibilities will be dependent on your Coach, however some of the typical things you will be responsible for are:

  1. Help communicate between Coaches and parents
  2. Assist with gathering necessary documents from players at Team meetings, prior to 1st practice
  3. Create a Team roster sheet, and snack schedule if you have chosen to do snacks
  4. Organize Team Building party at the beginning of the season (can be delegated to parent volunteers)
  5. Keep your Team’s parent volunteers organized and updated on upcoming events (can be delegated to Team Volunteer Coordinator)
  6. Set up, and maintain your volunteer Timers/ Scorekeepers rotation schedule (can be delegated to Team Volunteer Coordinator)
  7. Organize Team for picture day (can be delegated to Team Photographer)
  8. Organize End of Season Party and work with your Team’s parents to purchase Coaches gifts/ awards, etc. at the end of the season, if your Team has chosen to do so

While some Team Managers handle all the details themselves, others will recruit and delegate others to help out. Most of the time, you will have other parents willing to help. Have fun! This is an awesome way to get to know your whole Team, and network with other parents who also love Lacrosse!




Will attend all LTLC monthly board meetings to report how and what the team is doing, relay any team issues to the board. Also reports back via email to the coach/team parents any important information discussed during the meeting. Board meetings are announced 1-2 months in advance with the date, time, and place of monthly meetings are always posted on the LTLC website and through Social Media. **Managers are responsible for finding a substitute if the Board Representative cannot attend the monthly meeting.**



TEAM FUNDRAISING COORDINATOR:  (8 hour credit) – 1- 2 people per Team needed for this position. 

These parents will communicate with the Board and work with Club Fundraising Coordinators to help promote, plan, and coordinate club events such as the Face Off Day, Spaghetti Feed, and SSL Tournament. They will also coordinate selling team Spaghetti Feed tickets, keeping track of the money by writing down each ticket number and who they sold them to (handing off the money to the Club Treasurer) and are in charge of organizing the team wine/desert donation along with team gift basket for the Spaghetti Feed.  Basket must be valued at $100 or more.                              



TEAM PHOTOGRAPHER/PICTURE COORDINATOR  (8 Hour Credit) –2 people per Team needed for this position. 

Coordinates team pictures.  Takes candid pictures and/or video throughout the year at games, tournaments, and other events and then uploads to LTLC website for viewing.  **Must be aware of anyone on your team who does not want their child photographed (need to check photo releases).**  Also assembles slide show for year-end party.



Each team is required to take part in or plan one community service event during the year. Possible ideas include food drives, coat drives, parks clean up, etc. If available, teams are encouraged to submit a summary and photographs of their event participation to the Director of Operations for inclusion on the club website and monthly newsletter.



There are many areas where assistance is required to support a successful program. The club will require specific tasks throughout the year, and will need to have targeted communications with specific volunteers on each team. Team jobs are required so that all the work does not fall on the Team  Manager.  All parents are urged to become involved by choosing one of the following team jobs. Below is a brief description of each team job:


Other Team Volunteer Hour Options:  


Timer/ Scorer:  (multiple parents needed to alternate home and away games. Need a spotter, timer and score keeper for all home games and spotter and  scorekeeper for away games). *Training is provided prior to season start.

Each hosting Team is required to provide a volunteer to keep score, a second volunteer to keep time, and a third volunteer to record stats. There are 10-12 games in a season. If a rotation can be established between multiple volunteers, it will allow all parents the opportunity to enjoy watching their athlete most of the season.

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Tracking each quarter, half-time, and penalty box timeouts, for the officials
  2. Help out at the scores table to help track stats (documenting goals, assists, etc)
  3. Help out at the scores table to record goals

This is a great way to see the game up close! Training will be provided for score keepers, spotters and timekeepers, prior to the season start


Team Sideline Manager:  (multiple parents needed to alternate home and away games)

The role of the Team Sideline Manager is to maintain a positive and sportsmanlike environment around the playing field, including both sideline stands (home and visiting). Every home game will require that LTLC identify a Team Sideline Manager to perform the following:

  1. At 15 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled game, please walk across the field to introduce yourself to the opposing Team's Sideline Manager, the Officials, the Coaches and everyone "Honoring the Game"
  2. Make your presence known by  standing and/or walking through the stands at quarter and/or half breaks.
  3. Discuss any concerns with the Coaches and Officials as they come up
  4. Inform the Officials of any situation in as much detail as possible
  5. Monitor the stands for unauthorized use or prohibited substances (foods/ drinks)
  6. Request our guests keep their pets off of the turf fields


Team Field Set-Up and Take Down:

The Field Set-Up and Take Down volunteer is vital to the Team. This volunteer will work with the Coach, or Assistant Coach, or Team Manager to determine if your Team is first on, or last off of the scheduled game field, for home games. Responsibilities may include:

  1. First game of the day (home games): move goals to scheduled game field, Set-up scorekeeper table and three chairs, Place balls along each end line and place field cones as prescribed by rules
  2. End game of the day (home games): all of the above equipment, including goals need to be put away & secured, or returned to LTLC Field Equipment Manager


Face Off Day (January) Need help setting up/running/ and taking down stations


Club Fundraiser (April) Need help setting up/running/ and taking down


SSL Tournament (May)  Need help setting up/ running/ and taking down; opportunities will be announced


**Also if you are a parent volunteer who carpools multiple families to weekly practices, or assists your team in other very important ways, please be sure to communicate this to your Team’s Volunteer Coordinator for consideration for hour credits (final decision will be between Team Manager and Coach regarding acceptability of hour credits)