The mission of LTLC is to teach, govern and promote the sport of lacrosse in Lake Tapps and the surrounding communities, including Sumner, Bonney Lake, White River and Enumclaw. LTLC will emphasize the development of skills, self-esteem,


Lake Tapps Lacrosse Club has a volunteer requirement for each family in our club. The club needs many volunteers to help at Club events and during game days. LTLC understands that families are busy and have many commitments. The following are volunteer opportunities that will satisfy the 8 Hours of volunteer service required by each family. You may choose one of these options during the registration process. You may also contact our Director of Operations for more information, or to volunteer for any of these positions after registration has closed. 


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This Volunteer will attend monthly SSL Meetings, and speak on behalf of the LTLC Board of Directors regarding Club business, and share in the planning and decision making of the SSL Board. The SSL Representative will report back to the LTLC Board of Directors, during their regularly scheduled meetings.



This Volunteer will attend mandatory WSLA Meetings, and speak on behalf of the LTLC Board of Directors regarding Club business. The WSLA Representative will report back to the LTLC Board of Directors, during their regularly scheduled meetings. There are typically three mandatory meetings required to attend by WSLA (Fall/October, Winter/January, and End of Season/June).




This Volunteer (or committee of volunteers), will target their community to increase recruitment and growth of youth lacrosse players, and coaches. This volunteer is expected to attend monthly Board meetings and provide ideas and insight on opportunities to recruit future players, facilitate networking with local schools and contacts (ie Parks & Rec, Athletic Directors, PE Teachers, local businesses for fundraising, etc) in his/ her community. The Regional Representative will operate as an Advisor to the LTLC Board of Directors. Subcommittees will be designated under the Regional Representative to assist in the overall growth of the program.



The Equipment Manager will be responsible to monitor inventory levels (helmets, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, balls, etc), using an Excel based inventory system. The Equipment Manager will assist the Board with distribution and collection of player equipment prior to and after regular season, as well as special clinics, and work with the Team Equipment Manager to swap player equipment during the season (wrong size and/or player grows). The Club Equipment Manager will also assist with any necessary repair of equipment throughout the season (replace missing strings on gloves, repair mesh on cages, etc), and provide a yearend inventory of player equipment, recommending to the Board any necessary replacements. The Equipment Manger will work directly with the Director of Operations, in addition to other LTLC Board members, as well as Team Managers and Team Equipment Managers during the season. 



The Club Field Equipment Manager is responsible for ensuring that all game day equipment is available for home games, and will order all necessary supplies including timers, flip scorers, horns, cones, table, chairs and canopies, as required to meet the needs of each Team. The Club Field Equipment Manager will work with Team Coaches and/ or each Team’s Field Set-Up/ Take Down Volunteers or Team Managers to arrange for set up, and return, of all field equipment each Saturday during the season. The Field Equipment Manager will report any inventory deficiencies to the Director of Operations and/ or other LTLC Board Members, for restocking or replacement.


CLUB REGISTRAR (8 Hour Credit):

The Registrar will prepare, collect and maintain all registrations for open LTLC programs, assist the Board in determining registration cost and requirements for the spring lacrosse season, prepare the LTLC online registration system including FAQs for each upcoming open registration (ie. Fall Ball, Spring Season, etc), prepare and send out reminder notices regarding open registration and deadlines, open and close the online registration according to predetermined dates for each event, monitor the progress of each team or event’s registration status to help determine if and when increased recruiting and/or team adjustments are necessary and assist the Treasurer in determining unpaid registrations and necessary refunds.



This volunteer will work directly with the Director of Operations, in addition to other LTLC Board members, to help strengthen and expand the organization’s online presence. The Communications and Social Media Volunteer will be responsible for maintaining an up to date and relevant website, creating a monthly newsletter to broadcast to our members, and coordinate, monitor, and update our Club’s social media sites.