The mission of LTLC is to teach, govern and promote the sport of lacrosse in Lake Tapps and the surrounding communities, including Sumner, Bonney Lake, White River and Enumclaw. LTLC will emphasize the development of skills, self-esteem,





Too often individuals fall short of their goals because they fail to properly prepare. Many follow generalized techniques and programs designed for all-around fitness that neglect the specific movements needed to target areas of weakness. One must focus on proper techniques, core strength and injury prevention to reach maximum benefit and performance.  

Total Sports is a specialized training company that provides a hybrid training facility and programs for serious athletes and those that need a coach to motivate the meeting of goals. Training is integrated with plyometric, specialized training protocols, outstanding service, and professional guidance and supervision. Stay ahead of your pursuit and make training a habit.


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*Information regarding the Partnership Agreement between Total Sports and Lake Tapps Lacrosse can be found in our Documents section, under the "Club" tab on the home page