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first week of practice changes
by posted 02/23/2020

Hi Parnets and Players, 


For the first week of practice the days and locations have changed a bit! 

MONDAY is at crestwood Elem still but at five and ending at six because there are no lights at this field

TUESDAY we will be at Sumner HS in the Stadium from 6 to 8

FRIDAY we will be at Sumner HS in the Stadium from 6 to 8 


Games are posted on the website also, the times are not final and to be honest the schedule is always changing so check it out but please know its not set in stone! 

YOGA MATS, Last season the players brought yoga mats to condition on! this is totally optional but I suggest it! I bought mine and Dylans at marshalls last season for 10 bucks. they dont have to be fancy just helps keep the player dry if the turf is wet! 


Coach Allison

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by posted 02/14/2020

Hello Lady Titans and Parents, 


I hope everyone is getting excited about the upcoming season!! The coaches and I are for sure. I wanted to touch base about a few things 

PRACTICE: We will have practice three days a week.

MONDAYS we will practice at crestwood Elem. 4:30-6 

WEDNESDAYS: we will be at Lakeridge Middle school on the turf from 5:30 till dark which will only be about 6:30 untill day light savings time kicks in

FRIDAYS: We will be at Sumner middle school on the turf again from 5:30 till dark. 

our first practice will be 2/24! 


GAMES: The game schedule is posted on the WSLA website. Please know that this schedule doesnt have times yet but the days are pretty set. HOWEVER with that being said the game schedule is always open to change so please please once the season starts check the games often. Pam will be sending out reminders about the games a few days before. Currently we have 8 games scheduled but I have already started to reach out to other south teams about picking up extra games. I think this is a good idea with a team as large as ours! Our home games I can say will be on saturdays sometime between 8-12 at Bonney lake HS, This is the field slot that we have been given by the school district!  We will play a weekend or two where we play on a saturday and again on a sunday! 

Our first game is scheduled for 3/21


Pam Maris has taken on the very challenging role of team manager this season and will be a huge resource for the parents, players, and coaches!! 


PLAYERS, I really want to prepare you for HS, with that being said The coaches and I would like you to reach out to us if you can't make it to practice or a game, have questions, or really anything.So we are all on the same page please make a group chat including one or both of your parents, myself Coach Allison 253-250-8028, Coach Kim 206-300-6765 Coach Bailey 253-370-3142! 

Talk to everyone soon :) 

Coach Allison


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